- Daniel Karlin, The Courtship of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett (1985)

“It is probably true to say that there are many people who […] know nothing more of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett than that they eloped to Italy to escape Elizabeth’s tyrranical and perverted father […] the story of patriarchy defied, of [Elizabeth’s] miraculous rejuvenation and romantic flight.”

- 'The conventional reading of [Browning’s dramatic monologues] takes these poems to be using the technique of the dramatic monologue as a means of ironically revealing the speakers’ warped passions and prejudices. When we first encounter these poems we see that they offer a critique of hatred…When we first encounter Browning’s speakers our first instinct is simply to condemn their atrocious behaviour. ' (Browning’s Hatreds, Daniel Karlin, pp.74-75, OUP, 1993)

- "Every Browning poem is oppositional in nature." Daniel Karlin.

- 'His sense of dramatic situation was unrivalled... Considered from the point of view of a creator of character he ranks next to him who made Hamlet’ – Oscar Wilde